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Click here to visit Proyecto Amistad's new website (currently under contruction). 

Relationship first - Proyecto Amistad or “Project Friendship,” focuses on building healthy relationships among partnering churches from the United States and Mexico.  The ministry works with congregations of Noreste Presbytery (in Northeastern Mexico) and various churches in the United States.  As fellow workers in God’s mission, United States and Mexican church members find their work and fellowship together to be challenging, rewarding, and educational.  Their unity as partners also serves as a witness to Jesus Christ in the communities.  Although it is less common, the partners work together in the United States, as well.

Mission together - Whether it is a long term partnership or a one time visit, churches engage in work, fellowship, and worship - together - as they seek to become a single useful instrument in God’s hands.  Some of the work accomplished through Proyecto Amistad includes outreach to children through Bible schools, support for new mission churches, the construction and maintenance of churches, scholarships and tutoring for students, support for pastor and church leader education, medical campaigns, disaster relief, and cultural education for visiting mission delegations.  Also, a new initiative called “Club Amistad” seeks to bring together the resources of both churches with the goal to minister to disadvantaged children through weekly learning activities.

Partners can stay connected - Through regular Amistad Prayer Updatesby email, visits from Amistad coordinators, newsletters, and mission encounters with their partners during the year, the congregations in the United States can stay informed of the Church in Mexico.  We also work closely with mission committees to provide information for their efforts in supporting Proyecto Amistad’s work.

Welcome!  Proyecto Amistad and Noreste Presbytery welcomes you to join together with your brothers and sisters of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico and - together - build relationships that become instruments of “life and peace” in Mexico and the United States (Rom 8:6).  Please, contact us and, also read our “Manual for Mission,” below, for detailed information.


Click here for Proyecto Amistad's Mission Statement.

Click here for Proyecto Amistad's 2009 Manual for Mission.


Contact Us:
Chris McReynolds, US Coordinator
PO Box 6777
Laredo, TX 78042
Phone: 830.719.5812

Roberto Medina, Mexican Coordinator



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